Off the Grid Cabins

We are currently developing and building off the grid cabins! These small cabins include water, bath, kitchen, and bed, heat and AC. Solar battery powered with generator power options. The cabins are great get aways, hunting cabins, or bug out shelters. Your cabins solar system is used to build the cabin.

We are close to completing the 1st fully featured cabin. We have modified a 20ft shipping container and upfitted it to be fully featured cabin that has a steel shell that is extremely tough while providing all the amenities needed for an off-the-grid cabin. We have added windows that are steel framed and have bars welded across them making them impervious to intruders. The entry door is behind the Conex doors making it a very secure building. It has 1600Watts of solar charging. The batteries can run the entire cabin including the Air condition for hours. Without the air condition, it will run for days with no sun. There is a generator hookup, if needed to run air conditioner for longer times. There are water holding tanks or you can hook directly to a well. A on demand Hot water heater (propane), Full bathroom with shower, sink, toilet. A complete kitchenette with kitchen sink, 2 burner stove top (propane), convection microwave, and refrigerator. It is equipped with an outside hot water shower too. For colder days its equipped with a propane heater. Sleep comfortably in a queen size bed (bunk beds are also available). It has a upper wood deck on the top of the container with a ladder and guardrails for hunting or just relaxing. The entire inside of the cabin is insulated and has custom epoxy countertops, pine walls, ceiling fans, crown molding, roof vents with fans, lights, etc. All this perfectly organized and laid out in a 8x20ft shipping container! This container was build off-the-grid! We used solar/battery power of the cabin for all our fabrication equipment – saws, compressors, power tools, etc. We only used a generator for welding. We used no municipality power to fabricate the cabin.

We can customize you meet your needs and budget. Prices start about $25,000 for basic cabins and go up based on features, We can also outfit 40ft containers. The containers can be easily transported with a roll back truck. Once delivered, the solar panels have to be stood up and the deck railings bolted on and a grounding rod connected. We build these cabins to request. Request your cabin today

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We will be adding more content shortly. Contact us if you have questions or need more information or wish to pre-order a cabin.